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New Here?

New to Family Fellowship Worship Center?

Here is what you can expect...

We are so glad that you are considering joining us for worship!  Here are a few things that you can expect when you arrive on our church campus. Family Fellowship Worship Center is a multi-cultural church family with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Our desire is to provide a place where you can connect with God, make good friends and find fulfillment in your life. Join us and experience life!


The first time you visit, you will find a warm welcome and helpful folks. You will be guided each step of the way – from the parking lot, to the Welcome Center in our church lobby, to our children’s ministry areas and to the sanctuary. If you have more questions, feel free to ask in person, online, or by phone.


  • Family Fellowship Worship Center is located on 1014 Danbury Road, Fayetteville NC. Just off Murchison Road.
  • Minutes from Ft. Bragg, Spring Lake, Cameron via Highway 210
  • Transportation is also provided. Please call for details


  • Pastor TL Davenport — the founder and senior pastor of Family Fellowship Worship Center. He has a passion for teaching the word of God with clarity and simplicity so as to empower people through knowledge. Additionally, he loves showing the love of Christ in practical ways to help meet the needs of the community.


  • At Family Fellowship Worship Center, it is our greatest desire for you to feel as if you’ve found a place to call home. Our door is open to all who are looking to make lasting connections, and grow. Feel free to come as you are, but expect to leave changed for the better.


  • If you would like to GET INVOLVED, we have multiple opportunities for you to serve. One of the best things about our culture is the first-class experience. Experience our culture for yourself, join us this Sunday!


  • Family Fellowship Worship Center Online Ministry is comprised of small groups  for new members, existing members and visitors. Our ministry  groups are driven with a purpose. We seek to intentionally deepen the connection of the congregation by creating an environment where our ministry community can naturally emerge and engage.


  • Family Fellowship Worship Center is truly a testament to the restorative power of the Lord, in that it was born out of a ministry, which failed.  In April of 1995, what was then New Vision Christian Center, held its final church business meeting.  The following Sunday as circumstances would have it, Pastor Davenport, then the minister of music began overseeing the worship services in the absence of the pastor.  A short time later, the remaining church elders met in the home of Pastor Davenport and offered him the chance to serve as pastor.  Sensing the Lords leading, he accepted the call.  In June of that same year, Pastor Davenport was officially licensed, ordained and installed as the founding pastor of Family Fellowship Worship Center, with a vision to “Empower People through Knowledge”.  Since its inception, the ministry has steadily grown from an initial membership of seventeen families to over three hundred members.  Presently, the ministry has expanded its outreach efforts through weekly radio broadcast on 104.5 F.M., The Shepherd’s Bread food pantry, YouTube, Facebook, website, bus passes and especially a partnership with Fayetteville State University with one of our biggest ministries being the Bronco Football team. Throughout its existence, God has continually established His order and as a result, our sphere of influence is being expanded.