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Online Ministry

Life is better in circles, not in rows.  Join one of the many amazing small groups happening all over Family Fellowship Worship Center. Ministry Group members serve in various ministries around Family Fellowship Worship Center. Opportunities include Guest Services, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Couples Ministry, Outreach, along with Men and  Women Ministries that makes our community strong.

Lets Get Started.

These icons help you navigate easily through the ministry. Snap to the “Main COMMUNITY Feed” or “CHAT” with individual ministry members or chat with Pastor TL Davenport directly.

Ministry Groups

Not all ministry groups are created equal. Choose the right ministry group you by assessing what your specific needs are.  Learning about the different groups we offer gives you an advantage to help new members.

Become a Task/ Ministry Group Leader

Small Group Ministry Leaders and TASK Leaders are on the front lines of Family Fellowship Worship Center every day.  TASK Leaders handle the day to day duties of the church. A Small Group Ministry Leader are the ones who leads the study, meets with group members, and faces difficult situations and tasks on a regular basis. We provide everything you need to lead a healthy, thriving small group ministry at FFWC.

24/7 Ministry Support

We offer individual support for all our ministry members. Whether you are a Ministry Leader or an Individual Ministry Member we can help under any circumstance and guide you through our easy to use ministry platform.  Just click the blue question mark and we will deliver answers to your problem.